Week #6: Identity

So I realized this was the second post I had as a draft and never posted… But here it is:

So identity! I decided to wear PJ’s to a kickback/party and had my boot from when I hurt my ankle so I thought, WHY DON’T I SEE WHAT IT IS LIKE FOR AN INJURED COMFY PERSON to be treated like at a party… I mean I was scared but I knew who some of the guys there so I thought ehhh, why not!? So I showed up and for some reason people didnt recognize me then they saw my boot and were like what?! Happened!? They believed I hurt my ankle playing some extraneous sport but in actuality that wasn’t true. Then they thought that my major would have to be something like athletic training because I hurt myself. Others didn’t understand why I wore PJ’s but they thought I was at the wrong party. Everyone didn’t really know my actual name, they guessed like Jasmine was the most common one (probably because I’m Indian). And they guessed right that I was in college. But that was an interesting/intimidating/weird/but cool project! Oh! And did I mention that I met someone with an injured leg and foot too! Boot twins! Yay!



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