Week #12: Activity

This week I thought about doing something fun. My friend Erica Rudolph and I were thinking long and hard about what we should do and then we though what if we switch lives for ONE DAY! “We could call it a day in her shoes.” So, we went for it. I emailed my teachers and they said that was fine if I still turned in my assignments. So, we switched our sorority tanktops for the day, she gave me her Delta Gamma Luau shirt and I gave Erica my dream catcher Delta Delta Delta tanktop. I went to her first class which was Comm 130 and Erica had warned me about getting death glares from her other sorority sisters that were in her class. I smiled and told them, “I’m Erica for the day for an art project, sorry for the confusion.” So they told me about their frienship, etcetc. then I went to her Math class which I knew she dreaded so I got extremely bored. Then I decided to hit up her big bro, Patrick since she always sees him on Mondays before Greek chapter meetings. I’ve previously met Patrick as Jaimini Bhakta so when I told him I was Erica he was actually excited to see me! He talked about how clumsy Erica is and I found out that I am actually pretty similar to her. And how, we are both struggling trying to find dates for our sorority formal. As we were talking about that another Pi Kapp noticed my tanktop and said, “Oh hello, I’ve never seen you around Delta Gamma, what is your name?” And I told him my actual name and he was cute so he asked to hangout soon. I don’t know if that would’ve happened if I was wearing a Tri Delta tank top, but also partially because I was hanging out with Patrick who was also a Pi Kapp and he felt that Patrick created less tension. Anywho, I was super excited about being Erica for that specific moment in time. Erica and I met up before our sorority chapter meetings that usually start at 6:30pm and took pictures and talked briefly about our days…. More details to come on our switched days during our presentation in class! (:



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