Week #10: Artist

The 3D art I walked into at the gallery this week was simply amazing! The artist was Jenna Kurtz and she is in her final year here at CSULB! She portrayed her artwork in the view of Science. She is specifically drawn in by evolution and biology. Her art piece is called multiply. She likes how things change over time, mutation, to be exact and how things in our body can create such as cancer and other problems. She likes the fact that it relates to life in general and how things can be planned but become deviated. Her whole show took 2 to 3 years to finally finish her whole show. Her whole artwork was sculpted by eggs and she have to sculpt eggs and eggs and eggs and had to add minor details to make it into an animated character. She felt like she was creating a human body because of the many layers that were included. She said this resembled the cells, tissues, organs, and the whole system we have in our body.




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