Week #7 Avatar

I got to go into the “second world.” I made a “second life” account as Gleen mentioned and I got to go into a digital different kind of world. I thought it was so cool because of the way your brain works now in this second life, it’s all like an illusion. I got to interview Karina Mitchell and she goes by Misprint. As soon as “walked” in I heard Digital Cove. It was really cool because she showed us the music video and we just sat down and took it all in. It was different pictures all around and then after the video was over, there was another one except this time it was on the dacne floor. She told us that her piece was inspired by space and Nasa and how everything around you, you take in and capture, you aren’t just looking at one straight thing. That’s why she told us, she decided to do it on the dance floor, this video was sort of like a Daft Punk video. And lastly I we got to sit on a huge music ball, it was like a disco ball in my mind when I think back and see how I felt. It was really cool because after she told us that it was like NASA I really did feel like I was in space. I thought this digital art was definitely so much more interactive then just going to galleries. But I still enjoy both, but definitely loved this week’s experience.


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