Instagram Challenge

To photograph my daily life was somewhat challenging. Sometimes it’s quite boring and other days it’s just a massive span of events crammed together. My first picture was taken in the morning while studying for a test, and on the dining table was a bright yellow rose despite the fact that it was so gloomy that morning. In the background you can see my mac laptop.

Later that afternoon, I went to my highschool where we had an alumni water polo game and the sunsetting was absolutely gorgeous.


Being a part of a sorority, that day was our last day of recruitment and that night the weather was crying to us sorority girls, and despite the water on the concrete ground, my sorority still continued on our tradition of preference night and singing to the rushees. I thought it was really cool how everyone wore black heels and with the lights in the background and the watered floor, you could see the reflection. Rain got nothing on us Tri Delta girls.


Finally my last picture symbolized my Indian culture. My roomates and I thought it would be cool to let off our stressful steam from recruitment week and tattoo some henna onto ourselves. Here is a picture of my hand with the henna fresh tattooed on.


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