Museum Of Jurassic Technology

Okay, how to describe this Museum? DEFINITELY, weird, but in a cool peculiar type of way. Professor Zucman had already warned me about this museum and he said some people love it and some people are in such a shock. Well, I can definitely say I felt both ways. In each exhibit there was different background music, and each othe them was pretty scary and creepy, plus it was dark. The whole time I felt like someone was going to pop out. This created a peculiar mood and it felt like I was in a scifi movie/horror movie/documentary.

There were so many different exhibits on just very random things. As I walked around, I realized some were scientific based and others were like a pure art kind of exhibit, and others were simply historic. For some reason, I was really drawn in with the exhibits that had miniature models of history. In some way, my brain started thinking, “WOW! The past had his own type of art, and inventing was definitely an art!” I absolutely fell in love with the microscope exhibit. They had 6 different microscopes and each one had something different to look at. One of the ladies who had worked there said that the goal of the artist in this exhibit was to try and make it like the working stages of the microscope from how it started to how it is now! I thought that was so interesting. So just like she said, I chronologically went in order looking through every microscope, although I tried different orders since they didn’t have them labeled. It was kind of like a “find out for yourself” type of thing, but I think I got it after about 4 tries. On the walls of that exhibit there was information about the microscope, so basically giving us the history part of that. Being a science major, this was definitely one of my favorite exhibits of that day and it being the first I walked into, it set the bar high for the exhibits I was going to walk into later. IMG_1762





One of the other ones I found really funny was the exhibit that I’d like to consider “traditional home remedies”. This exhibit had 5 different small little rooms set up in somewhat of a maze. The first one I saw was salted teeth, and then dead mouse on bread, even the “duck’s breathe”. And of course it had explanations of those “remedies” people thought worked back in the day. What I wondered was, “Did these “remedies” being displayed now actually work back in the day?!?! My mother absolutely is all about all organic, home remedies, etc.etc when it comes to curing small things when you’re sick. So this, I know she would love, and I definitely did too. The one thing that stuck with me was, “How in the world did they find these “remedies” or better yet, were alot of people crazy to try these?! I mean, the “Duck’s Breathe” one so cool! I had to take a picture. IMG_1752





Okay, then there was two animals, so I thought was cool, I tried listening to the little video they had next to it, but it wasn’t working so then I moved onto the space room. I felt like I was actually in space. When I looked up, it was all the continents and there were little lights shining through, just like stars during the night! It felt like I was looking at constellations. This showed me there can be “astronomy art”, it’s nature’s very own art. IMG_1753




My last favorite one was the pictures of different plants and flowers, but the thing about it was that it was in black and white. The image itself was just an outline of the object and it was filled in white, but it looked like a picture taken with the camera, not a painted or drawn picture. The exhibit was “Stereo Floral Photographs.” It was a pitch black room and all you saw were the white objects, then it dawned on me, “THEY ARE X-RAYS!” How cool is that! IMG_1744



I saw a lot more exhibits but I thought this were the coolest, and I actually spent a lot of time in these specific ones. As I walked around in the exhibits and tried to take in what I was around, what I had seen, I thought about why Profess Glucmann wanted me to come to this specific museum. I thought Professor wanted us to see other dimensions of art. I feel that art is universal, it is truly all around you. Like the remedies and cures, that resembles the beliefs we have and the artist mind we have to carry those bizarre things out. Art is the past as well, that’s how it has shaped how we live now. The microscope contributes so much, that itself is an invention but not just for the use of science, but art. The living and nonliving organisms we see under those lenses, it is the art of the presence. Nature was resembled when I went into the “space” room. Even though space is a fixed thing and we have no control over it, it is an inspiration that people go off of when they actually want to create artwork. The way the stars were aligned in the continents shape and form, that was artwork created by the person who designed to represent Earth in something bigger. I had all these ideas and concepts, and I felt like I actually understood the message that these artists were trying to send to the viewers of the museum. It was definitely one experience, I will never forget. I really hope I go back in the summer to see the other different exhibits and galleries to come! (: